All about iodine


Iodine takes serious and irreplaceable position in generating thyroid gland hormones, which control nutriment transformation to energy in our blood cells. Blood cells are one of main factors sufficient for regular brain develepment.

Iodine in our body influences:

  • hormone production
  • regulates the activity of the thyroid gland
  • accelerates changes in organism
  • positively acts on metabolism of fats, glucose and proteins, water exchange
  • influences individual organ systems
  • burns off excess fat
  • brings up vital energy
  • prevents cholesterol acummulation
  • is responsible for change of beta-caroten to vitamin A
  • regulates speed, in which cells are able tu use oxygen to encourage body growth
  • has a positive influence on healthy hair, fingernails, teeth, skin
  • lowers stress
  • helps intestine absorption
  • participates on body temperature
  • prevents premature  ageing
  • prevents intake of radioactive substances into organism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • acts positively on the nervous system and the heart activity

Symptoms of Iodine deficit:

  • slow motion, tiredness, low vitality
  • feeling cold, lower body temperature
  • weak immune system
  • dry skin and eczemas
  • thin, soft hair
  • bad quality nails
  • husky voice
  • swelling  eyes and hands
  • gaining weight without feeling hunger, or weight gain isn´t big
  • higher blood fat and cholesterol, quick development of sclerosis
  • constipation
  • nervousness
  • inability to pay attention, memory and understanding problems,
  • children grow slowly, have slow reflexes and experience problems with studying
  • person loses interest in his surroundings
  • women have  strong period
  • acne problems
  • in long term Iodine shortage Derbyshire-neck occurs (enlargement of thyroid gland), but thyroid gland is not capable of hormones producing


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